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Climate change, drought, population growth – our changing world presents a huge challenge for the agriculture and horticulture sectors. Ridder works hard to help farmers and growers to transition successfully to more efficient and, above all, more sustainable production methods. The shift towards protected cultivation plays a key role in this: within a controlled greenhouse environment, crops can be grown with minimal use of water and fertilizers, regardless of the external weather conditions. However, challenges involving economies of scale, labor management and shortages of expertise also require practical innovation and effective services, so that growers really can achieve their ambitions.

As an international family business, part of Ridder’s everyday work for the past 65 years has been developing solutions that can enable horticultural businesses and their suppliers make their companies and projects as successful as possible. Together with our global network of partners, we provide complete system solutions to create the ideal growing environment – from mechanical systems to digital services. In designing these products, we draw on all the knowledge and experience that we have acquired in the past. But above all else, we are a future-facing company, and we have a vision for the autonomous greenhouse of the future. That means moving towards a fully automated and intelligent growing environment.

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Drive Systems

Ridder’s drive systems provide precision control of the greenhouse ventilation and screening systems that are a key element in every profi table horticulture operation. Their smart and practical design have made Ridder an international market leader in the fi eld of horticultural drive systems. Today, Ridder is the preferred brand of greenhouse builders, installers and growers all over the world.


Climate Screens

Ridder provides an extensive package of climate screens that meet the high quality standards demanded by professionals who only want the best for their greenhouse and their crop. By working closely with greenhouse builders and installers, we are able to fi nd the perfect solution for a wide range of screening requirements, including light distribution, climate control, energy-saving, light exclusion (blackout) and protection from sunlight.


Climate Control

Ridder’s smart sensors and climate computers provide an insight into the growing environment as well as data-driven control. Thanks to the flexible and adaptable design of all Ridder hardware and software, our solutions integrate seamlessly with the level and ambitions of every end user, anywhere in the world.


Water Treatment Systems

Ridder’s fully automatic precision irrigation and fertigation systems allow for cost-eff ective dosing of water and fertilizers, enabling growers to get the very most out of their crop. Ridder’s innovative disinfection and water purifi cation systems enable water and fertilizers to be reused safely and sustainably.


Labour Tracking Systems

Ridder’s labour tracking systems enable growers to maximize the productivity of their employees, monitor quality, analyse work processes and keep a close eye on every operational process. The systems guarantee an optimized operational workfl ow and the perfect coordination of every process in and around the greenhouse.


Ridder HortOS

The Ridder HortOS platform provides large-scale horticulture businesses with a centralized environment that they can use to collaborate and work towards shared goals. Not only does it give you access to financial and operational data from multiple crops, greenhouses and locations, but it also transforms that data into actionable information and clear insights - so you can make the right decisions yourself or have HortOS make them for you fully automatically. Whether it involves day-to-day greenhouse operations or long-term strategic decisions, HortOS enables the entire organization to work together to drive growth and profitability.